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Hi, I'm Darcie. I guide high-achieving visionaries as they upgrade their relationship to money to create the life and business of their dreams. We work with the energetic components of the Universe to support you as you release attachments to your current financial reality in order to step into the new and improved that you've been asking for.

Are you a business owner with a big vision and want money to work for you, rather than you for it? Join us in The Energy Of Money for free trainings, prompts and discussions all about our energetic relationship to money.
About me:
My work is guided by both the practical and energetic components of our relationship to money. I’m a CPA with over a decade of experience, which lends to a deep understanding of money management. And I’m a trained energy healer in various modalities, able to help you uncover and shift the unseen pieces of your relationship to money.
I'm an international best-selling author, speaker and spiritual financial guide. When you work with me, we go deep. To the root of why you do what you do with money and how to shift that.

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When we're looking at the energetic pieces of our relationship to money, we're talking about the attachments we're clinging to. Attachments to patterns, stories, our past and beliefs you have around money (aka the things that are directly creating your current financial reality).

Ascend was created to support you as you uncover, release and shift these attachments. Not happy with your current financial situation now? Then it's time to look at releasing the attachments that cannot take you where you want to go. To work WITH the energy of money, rather than against it.

We start 12/5, click here for details.

Monthly Membership Program: Energy of Money Accelerator

Are you looking for monthly support and accountability on your path to healing and evolving your relationship to money?

My monthly membership program is designed to support you continue moving forward, growing and giving you what you need to shift the root of your patterns with money. Click here for details.

Energetic Mastery (5-week 1:1 intensive)

Are you ready to break negative cycles with money? Break the glass ceiling you created in your business?

...if you're ready to do less and align more in order to multiply your profits.

Join me in the Energetic Mastery. Currently closed until 2020. Please e-mail if you're interested in getting on the waitlist. Details, here on the program.

Free Resources:

Join The Energy of Money Facebook community!

Click, here to join our free community on Facebook for support and access to free trainings and guided healings.

Free Guided Healing: Making Peace With Your Money Past

Guided Energetic Healing + Workshop on making peace with your money past. Past money regrets, financial mistakes or toxic exchanges. Set aside an hour to watch and allow yourself to move through the work. Bring a journal, pen and water! CLICK HERE.

Note: If you have deep work that has yet to be resolved and is impacting your ability to function in your life in a healthy or constructive manner, I recommend that you work with a therapist to resolve the trauma alongside your coaching work with me. Please reach out to discuss support options. 

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