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Are you ready - like finally ready - to break your negative cycles with money?

To detach your sense of worthiness from money and take back the power to where it rightfully belongs, within yourself?

If you're focused on growth and are ready to move forward into the next phase of your life and business, you have no choice BUT to change. Your energetic body, habits, beliefs, conditioning and environment is what helped you create your current reality. To fully embody your new reality, it's time to look at where you're being called to change for growth.

Our monthly healing container is designed to go deep, to the root of the issue, on an energetic level. Activate, shift and ascend to your new reality. We'll cut straight to the chase and implement at the deepest level with the most aligned practical tips and habits to embody moving forward. Energy First, Action Second.

Imagine shifting from feeling burnt out and frustrated, to allowing the easier path to unfold before you and trusting yourself as you take each step forward.

Imagine no longer allowing your emotions to fluctuate up and down along with your money - trusting that as money flows out, you're simply making space for more to flow in.

Imagine no longer overriding your natural instincts, no longer looking outside of yourself for answers and validation. Trusting that you know the way.


Are you ready for accountability and support to help you shorten your timeline on growth?

To heal and evolve your relationship to money to ease your way into the next phase of your life?

Join us in The Energy of Money Accelerator today!

Here's what you get EACH MONTH when you say yes in Tier 1:

  • Guided energy healing workshops + trainings created only for the members of the Energy of Money Accelerator. All designed to lead you into DEEP healing and energetic work to activate the shifts your body needs to step into a healthy relationship to money.
  • Your first month (that you pay-in-full, does not include promo 1st month offers) you will receive a 30 minute 1:1 live "quick-shift" call to cover a hot topic on your path to healing your relationship to money.
  • Customized workbooks to guide you deeper, to support you during and after the energy work that occurs within the monthly workshops.
  • A space to answer questions, share and build community as you go through the monthly material on Facebook. With access to ask me specific questions as you go through the work.
  • Each month will be a focused topic to help you quickly integrate and heal aspects of your relationship to money. All designed so that you can:
    • increase your confidence in all financial transactions
    • feel at ease in your body, in full trust that you are supported
    • call in more money and support into your life + business
    • allow yourself to create in your life + business more openly and without attachment to the outcome, and
    • emotionally detach from money, so that you can interact with it as a tool, no longer the "end goal"

DISCLAIMER: If you have deeper work or unresolved trauma that has yet to be resolved and is impacting your ability to function in a healthy or constructive manner, I recommend that you work 1:1 with someone alongside the guided healing work that the Monthly Healing Container provides. You know you best, if you believe that unresolved trauma could arise while listening to the pre-recorded sessions and you need additional support, then plan accordingly. As always, reach out to discuss:

Investment? Only $55/month.

***Only $15 will be charged for December access, will automatically raise to $55/month in January. Cancel anytime, no obligation.

Looking for additional, individualized support and accountability?

Within Tier 2, for only $97/month you can get all of the above, plus:

  • A deep-dive 30 minute remote session with me. I will connect energetically remotely (you will not be present with me) and will send a recording of the messages that came through and what energy work was activated to support you in the following ways:
    • Identify where energetically you need to focus in order to continue healing your relationship to money (it's not only the root chakra!) by looking at your chakras / energy centers and what they have to tell you.
    • Identify and release three to five suppressed emotions related to the energy centers that are identified above.
    • Identify where your body is in resistance to allowing more money and support to flow freely to you, and using various energy healing modalities, begin to activate the shift.
    • Provide a detailed report of what I did, what came up and energetic + practical tips to help you continue to move forward.
    • You will have a chance to provide feedback after the session so we can discuss any personal support you need afterwards.

Investment? Only $97/month.

***Only $65 will be charged for December access, will automatically raise to $97/month in January. Cancel anytime, no obligation.


Who am I and why should you trust me in this sacred process?

I want to support you on the path to healing and evolving your relationship to money. And more importantly to detach any sense of worthiness from money and take back the power you’ve given it to where it rightly belongs, within you. 💵

My work and mission is guided by both the energetic/spiritual and practical aspects of money. My experience as a CPA for over a decade has given me a solid understanding and management of money that helps me to support with practical tips and processes needed in your life and business. And as a trained energy healer in various modalities, I’m able to support and guide as you detach emotionally from money and heal/support your energetic body on this path.

Personally, I live outside of Kansas City with my husband, our two wonderful girls (5 & 3) and have a baby boy on the way in 2020! We love to travel and try new things, always ready for our next adventure.

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The Energy of Money Accelerator members also have access to discounted services, workshops (up to 80% off!), programs and 1:1 work! Questions about the membership? Send an e-mail to

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***Only $15 will be charged for December access, will automatically raise to $55/month in January. Cancel anytime, no obligation.

Looking for more support? Only $97/month.

***Only $65 will be charged for December access, will automatically raise to $97/month in January. Cancel anytime, no obligation.

monthly membership program banner