How Your Throat Chakra Impacts Your Money.

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If you’re familiar with your chakra system, you might have heard by now how important the root chakra is in relation to your relationship to money. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing how ALL of our chakras – not just the root – are tied to our relationship to money. And today we’re talking about our throat chakra.

If you are new to the chakra system and understanding your energetic body, start here with this introductory blog post first. Today we’re talking about how the throat chakra and your relationship to money affect each other.

What is the throat chakra and what is its purpose?

The throat chakra is the energy center located within your neck, and the associated color is blue. The throat chakra is your center of expression. Your ability to speak your truth, express yourself and has a natural connection with your sacral chakra (your creativity and pleasure center) as this chakra is projecting this creativity out into the world. If unbalanced, it can be difficult to translate our vision into reality as a bridge from our connection to spirit (our upper two main energy centers) down to our lower four main energy centers.

When it is balanced >> you may have no issues fully expressing yourself out in the world. Communication, both verbal and non-verbal, is clear to yourself and to others around you. It is clear as to what you want out of your life and you’re not afraid to ask for it and to move forward on turning that vision into reality. You feel truly free in your self-expression.

When it is overactive >> you may be overly critical of others, over-opinionated on what other are doing in their own lives. You may swing as strongly to being verbally abusive to others around you and not allow anyone else to have a say in the conversation, wanting your voice to be the only one that’s heard.

When it is underactive >> you may be unable to express yourself and when you are expressing yourself, often misunderstood and misinterpreted. Some people might view you as unreliable. You might have a hard time being truthful and honest with yourself and with others. It is more difficult to create and move forward in your life as you lack a voice completely your own.

What does your throat chakra have to tell you today?

Connecting with each of our energy centers, our chakras, is a powerful way to support you as you heal your relationship to money. Just as our body gives us messages, our chakras also communicate with us. Ready to give it a try?

Take three, deep, slow breaths in and out with your eyes shut. Bring awareness to your throat chakra and the energy surrounding it and spend a few moments feeling the flow of energy. Then ask your heart chakra, is it balanced or does it need support? And in which way (under/over active)?

As we focus on change and evolving in our lives and businesses, as we step forward towards the new reality we are calling in, it’s vital that we support and check-in with all of our chakras. Our throat chakra, which houses your self-expression and ability to turn vision into reality, is vital on this healing path.

How the throat chakra and your relationship to money impact each other.

To talk about how your throat chakra impacts your money, I think it’s important to start at the three lower main energy centers. In order to achieve full self-expression and the ability to turn our visions into reality, iwhich is what all business owners/entrepreneurs dream of, there are other things we need in place first.

  1. Without our root chakra in balance, it is unlikely that we would feel physically and emotionally safe moving forward and taking risks in our life. Without this, our self-expression would have no base to stand on. Living in full, unapologetic self-expression is easier to do when we are comfortable that we are supported and that all of our basic needs are met.
  2. Without our sacral chakra in balance, our creativity center would have no physical outlet in which to express. Our throat chakra and sacral have a natural connection in which if our creativity feels stifled, our self-expression will mirror that stifling.
  3. Without our solar plexus chakra in balance, we would not have access to our confidence, wisdom and personal power in which to express out into the world. An important seat in taking aligned action towards your goals, which has a natural connection to the throat where you are expressing your visions into reality.

Your throat chakra is a natural culmination of the work done in the lower three chakras, building up to the expression that you will be displaying out into the world. As we bridge and tie our own passions into the work that we are bringing into this world, our throat chakra is vital. Without a balanced throat chakra you will have a difficult time doing what you need to do in order to receive money in your business. Your messages will be unclear, your ideas misunderstood and you will have a hard time turning vision into reality.

Set an intention to bring awareness to where you are not fully expressing yourself (communication, physical appearance and energetic expression). Check in with your throat chakra and ask it. Work with this energy center as a partner and trust you will be shown which areas need healing and what is ready for your attention right now.

The most important thing is to follow your intuition, check-in and connect with your chakra directly, so you know the best path for you to follow. Look at your throat chakra and your energy centers as partners in your growth. Check-in with them, often, to see what they need from you as you evolve and shift into the next phase of your life.

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Author: darcieelizabeth

Darcie supports high-achieving professionals align with their BIG visions, by getting them out of their heads and into their bodies. By more deeply connecting with themselves and learning how to work with the energy of money to move towards their dreams with ease and alignment. Her work and mission is guided by both the practical and energetic aspects of money. Her experience as a CPA for over a decade helps her to understand the practical tools, processes and support needed in both businesses and personal finances. Her training and experience as an energy worker helps her to uncover and shift the unseen pieces of your relationship to money. Recognizing the importance of integrating both pieces in order to live a life that works WITH money in order to align ourselves to receive what we want in life.

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