How Your Solar Plexus Chakra Impacts Your Money.

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If you’re familiar with your chakra system, you might have heard by now how important the root chakra is in relation to your money. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing how ALL of our chakras – not just the root – are tied to our relationship to money. And today we’re talking about our solar plexus chakra.

If you are new to the chakra system and understanding your energetic body, start here with this introductory blog post first. Today we’re talking about how the solar plexus chakra and your money affect each other.

What is the solar plexus chakra and what is its purpose?

The solar plexus chakra is the energy center located at the center of the belly button to breastbone, and the associated color is yellow. The solar plexus chakra holds your personal power, self-confidence and the physical embodiment of confidence and wisdom. The ability to achieve, take action is held here so this chakra is highly tied in supporting you as you get what you want in life.

When it is balanced >> you are comfortable setting goals and taking the aligned actions to achieve them, you can be both assertive and respectful in your interactions with others, you understand what is yours to influence and what isn’t. And you don’t try to change others, you understand your free will and respect the free will of others.

When it is overactive >> you may be judgmental, critical, angry, and aggressive. You might carry the attitude and influence that you are always right, and not able to listen to others opinions

When it is underactive >> you may lack self-confidence or have severe emotional issues. Those with underactive solar plexus chakras tend to be more nervous and constantly seek approval from others, “people-pleasers”.

What does your solar plexus chakra have to tell you today?

Connecting with each of our energy centers, our chakras, is a powerful way to support you as you heal your relationship to money. Just as our body gives us messages, our chakras also communicate with us. Ready to give it a try?

Take three, deep, slow breaths in and out with your eyes shut. Bring awareness to your solar plexus chakra and the energy surrounding it and spend a few moments feeling the flow of energy. Then ask your solar plexus chakra, is it balanced or does it need support? And in which way (under/over active)?

As we focus on change and evolving in our lives and businesses, as we step forward towards the new reality we are calling in, it’s vital that we support and check-in with all of our chakras. Our solar plexus chakra, which houses your identity on this Earth, is vital on this healing path.

How the solar plexus chakra and your relationship to money impact each other.

The solar plexus chakra is our seat of personal power, confidence, wisdom. It’s from this place that we have the ability to take action and achieve the goals we have set out for ourselves.

Our relationship to money directly affects our ability to create in this life (if you haven’t already, check out my blog post on how the sacral chakra – our creativity center – impacts your money). When we have an unhealthy or dysfunctional relationship to money, it can be hard to take risks and know that we’re supported. Equally hard to get outside of our comfort zone when we’re feeling uncertain, scared and even fearful of the future.

A healthy relationship to money allows you to view money as the tool it is – because that’s all money is, a tool to support us on our path. And allows us to move forward with the ability to take action, with money no longer being the end goal but as one (of many tools) to support us on our path. Zero attachment, 100% confidence and faith that we are supported, coming from a place of balance in our personal power seat – the solar plexus chakra.

Check in with your solar plexus and ask it. Work with your solar plexus as a partner to see which areas need healing and what is ready for your attention.

The most important thing is to follow your intuition, check-in and connect with your chakra directly, so you know the best path for you to follow. Look at your solar plexus chakra and your energy centers as partners in your growth. Check-in with them, often, to see what they need from you as you evolve and shift into the next phase of your life.

Looking for support and accountability?

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Author: darcieelizabeth

Darcie supports high-achieving professionals align with their BIG visions, by getting them out of their heads and into their bodies. By more deeply connecting with themselves and learning how to work with the energy of money to move towards their dreams with ease and alignment. Her work and mission is guided by both the practical and energetic aspects of money. Her experience as a CPA for over a decade helps her to understand the practical tools, processes and support needed in both businesses and personal finances. Her training and experience as an energy worker helps her to uncover and shift the unseen pieces of your relationship to money. Recognizing the importance of integrating both pieces in order to live a life that works WITH money in order to align ourselves to receive what we want in life.

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