Getting Out of Your Head and Into Your Body. Plus, what it can look like in your day-to-day life.

Your intellect, experience and ambitious drive have gotten you far in life. From the outside looking in, you are a success. An accomplished career tied to your name, connections and experiences that leave you more than well-rounded when it comes to your professional life.

But something still feels off. Not logically, no. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you just don’t feel the way you thought you would after “checking off all the boxes”.

Maybe the trigger for you was starting a family. Losing a parent or loved one. Or another big life event that shook you. Whatever it is, your eyes have opened to another possibility in life. Your feelings have shifted towards your current reality and you’re dreaming of a new one. Your values and priorities are bubbling up to the surface and you’re realizing that they aren’t being fulfilled by how you’re living out your life now. But you logically can’t see how you can create the life that incorporates them all.

The thing is, you don’t have to sacrifice one piece of your life for the other. All of your values and priorities CAN be embodied in your everyday life. And no, it doesn’t have to be hard.

The answer? Stop using your head.

When we are so used to using our head, our logic and our brain to “figure out life”, it can be hard to see how we can create a life that truly fulfills us and embodies our values and priorities. The answer? Stop using your head. Stop trying to plan, prepare and understand exactly what changes need to come into your life in order to move forward in a more fulfilled way.

So many of the women that come to work with me simply don’t know how to get out of their heads and into their bodies. When you’ve been conditioned to operate solely from the brain for 30+ years, it can be an uncomfortable change, one that brings up layers of healing for us to go through. But the best thing for your business, your career shift and ultimately living out a fulfilled life is to embrace this concept. Allowing yourself to learn how to function from your body, allowing your energy to lead, and trusting that the action – what you are oh so comfortable with – will follow. And trusting that you were created to work in this way.

When we lead with our heads we are cutting ourselves off from our unseen support and assistance. Unable to see the big picture, not allowing a BETTER outcome to come through and definitely not doing things the easy way. When we lead with our bodies, with our energy, we are allowing the full guidance from our unseen support to assist us. When operating this way, we can easily become aligned with our own bigger picture, with our values and with our ultimate vision. Action, planning, preparing all flow easily from this state. As we stop struggling and pushing, and begin to allow these pieces to move through us. Instead of forcing things to happen on our own perceived timeline, we allow things to come to us and trust that all is happening in perfect timing.

When we get out of our heads, we allow miracles to show up and the support we need to allow our vision to play out in front of us. This isn’t to say it isn’t uncomfortable, as change and stepping outside of our comfort zone can be, but the process and way it unfolds is effortless. Exactly as it should be.

What does leading with your body and energy look like?

  • Slowing down throughout the day and paying attention to the messages your physical body has for you. Acting on the messages and relying on your intuition to know what’s best for you.
  • Embracing and allowing your feelings and emotions a front seat for a change. What is your anxiety trying to show you, tell you? What is your unhappiness attempting to lead you towards? What is the frustration on a project showing you about the direction you’re heading? No more shoving past our feelings to “get things done”, giving them space and acknowledge them as important guide markers for us on our path.
  • Allowing and giving intentional focus for our intuition to blossom. We all have an innate guidance system that is leading us towards the easiest path, why not use it to make things easier on yourself?
  • Asking yourself throughout the day and checking in to see if your decisions and actions are based out of anything outside of love. Are you saying yes to something out of obligation or people-pleasing? Taking on a project based out of fear? Are the actions you are making day in and out in alignment with your body? If not, it’s time for a change.

When we shift to our bodies, we need to pay attention to what is keeping us from what we want.

As you learn to shift to your body, leading energetically, and embracing the integration that needs to occur so you can work WITH your body and your head together, there’s an important step that needs to occur. The majority of your actions and decisions thus far have been driven by your subconscious. Beliefs, conditioning and generational patterns that have been ingrained within your body that drive your everyday habits and decisions. When you look at your life now, you can see that your subconscious is in alignment with what’s in front of you. If you’re wanting to change but it hasn’t yet materialized, there are pieces of your subconscious that are not in alignment. And they need attention as you move forward.

When we have beliefs, conditioning and generational patterns ingrained within our bodies that tell us life and work SHOULD be hard. In order to make money and support your family you NEED to struggle. Or that the only way to make legitimate money is to do things the “practical” way. If these or others are present in your body, aligning with your true vision, your values and moving towards the life you want WILL be difficult. Which is why as you shift to a more energy-led approach, you are looking at the root of these beliefs to shift them. So that you can align more easily and take action from a place that is heart-centered rather than brain-centered.

Integration is key. Your practical-nature is a gift to this world.

When I talk about getting out of your head and into your body, I don’t want you to change your innate nature. You have a gift and were led to the practical-nature of life for a reason. The world needs your genius in order for us to continue evolving as a society. Integrating and balancing your head with your body, balancing the flow of the energetic and practical pieces of our lives, is vital to bring about the change you want to see in your life.

We are waking up as a society and moving rapidly towards the need to understand and work with the energetic components of the Universe as we operate in business. Especially when it comes to how we operate, manage and interact with money. If you’re feeling called to explore how you can live out and lead this mission, I invite you to the Conscious Money Leaders training program so we can help move the needle.

The training program was created to support you, and your future or existing clients with understanding and working with the energetic component of all things, especially money. To help you approach their lives on a holistic level. Tools and techniques to get to the root of the issue, their patterns with money (which really isn’t about money in the first place) and create REAL, long-lasting change in their lives.

Are you feeling the call? Ready to change the trajectory of your life and to do it with the support and structure you desire? Send me an e-mail ( or a book a complimentary call for details on the training program. Our first round starts next month at a significant discount, next round will be in April 2020. Book your call here.

Author: darcieelizabeth

Darcie supports high-achieving professionals align with their BIG visions, by getting them out of their heads and into their bodies. By more deeply connecting with themselves and learning how to work with the energy of money to move towards their dreams with ease and alignment. Her work and mission is guided by both the practical and energetic aspects of money. Her experience as a CPA for over a decade helps her to understand the practical tools, processes and support needed in both businesses and personal finances. Her training and experience as an energy worker helps her to uncover and shift the unseen pieces of your relationship to money. Recognizing the importance of integrating both pieces in order to live a life that works WITH money in order to align ourselves to receive what we want in life.

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