Energetic Mastery

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Are you ready to break your negative cycles with money? Break the glass ceiling you created in your business?

...if you're ready to do less and align more in order to multiply your profits. You're in the right place.

Our old patterns, cycles and conditioning can show up in unexpected ways. When we think we've integrated an aspect of ourselves, shifted and healed a generational belief, we often find a new layer emerges.

Each and every layer on our healing journey is as valid and important as the last.

A piece to the (never-ending) puzzle. Because I believe our healing doesn't end, can't end in this lifetime. Which leads to amazing opportunities for you to grow and to continually evolve into new versions of yourself. When we ask for *more*, call in growth in our life + business, we also need to intentionally call in the support and change that is needed along the way.

What got you here, won't get you there.

If you are focused on growth and are ready to move forward into the next phase of your life + business, you have no choice BUT to change. Your current habits, beliefs, conditioning & environment is what helped you to create your current reality. To fully embody and step into your new reality it's time to look at where you're being called to change for growth.

The Energetic Mastery is designed to go deep, to the root of the issue. To uncover quickly what needs to shift energetically and practically in your life right now to help you move forward towards the results that you want to embody. A five week container to help you move the needle. Uncover and shift the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from moving forward. The subconscious limits that are putting a cap on the money you bring into your business, or the guilt that seeps in which doesn't allow you to create the life of ease + flow that you so desire.

Imagine shifting from feeling stuck in your business and unable to move forward to tapping into the energy of trust + flow, allowing yourself to evolve past your current limitations.

No longer allowing your emotions to fluctuate up and down along with your bank account balance. Your energy + drive in your business not dependent on you *needing* to get moving in order to make money. Simply interacting with money as a tool to support you on the path towards your dreams.

Energy first, Action second.

You know just as well as I do, that success doesn't come from simply logging in the hours. Hustling and working hard, they're no longer going to cut it. Because what got you here in this moment, isn't going to get you where you want to be.

Do you wish you could...

  • Increase the confidence in which you show up in your life and finances for your family and business? Manage and enter into financial transactions with ease and trust?
  • Shift from feeling burnt out and frustrated, to allowing the easier path to unfold before you, connecting with the unseen forces at play in your business?
  • Shift from feeling constrained by money to living life unaffected by the number in your bank account?
  • No longer override your natural instincts, no longer look outside of yourself for answers and validation? To live in faith that you know the way.

If you're saying yes, then you're in the right place.

The Energetic Mastery will guide you to begin shifting and approaching your goals with aligned energy. To create intentions that are in-line with your values, while tapping into the energetic flow of money – of support. Harnessing your energy with integrity and directing it towards your aligned goals. When you take the extra steps to go deeper, you can transform your everyday life for you and your family in the process.

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"[Darcie] is a wonderful source for both the spiritual and the practical. She's a natural born healer and teacher who will empower you while holding your hand and really diving into understand the why's and the how's of your relationship to money...shifts are happening left and right [for me]." - Mallory M.

"While working with Darcie I realized [that the issues I was having were] not only money issues but affected many other facets of my life. Darcie helped me to begin healing and shifting the negative habits that were created. A week after our first session with new awareness I'm catching myself in the act and making different choices. I feel lighter and have more understanding of my behaviors in a way I never thought I would." - Samantha H.

"Darcie has helped bring awareness to the areas of my life that need attention to move forward. Instead of continuing to ignore and act as if my money problems don't exist, I've created time each week to sit down and look at our [family's financials], and I'm even working on a budget!" - Amanda P.


Who am I and why you should trust me to guide you through this sacred process?

I support business owners as they heal their relationship to money with a unique approach due to my professional + life experience. The past 10+ years I've been working as a CPA in the corporate world and the past five years training and supporting clients on an energetic level with various energy healing modalities.

This unique combination helps me to see deep into the heart, the roots, of your energetic misalignment with money, with support. After undergoing my own transformation with our personal and my business finances, I am equipped to lead you as living proof from the other side.

You’re an ambitions visionary that didn’t come here to struggle. The Energetic Mastery isn’t meant to only change the way you deal with money. It goes deeper than that. It’s updating and re-conditioning the parts of you that currently don’t align with your ultimate vision and goals. Tapping into the energetic flow of money, the flow of true support to help you on the way towards your goals.

Are you ready to heal your relationship with money? Move forward confidently knowing that your values are in-step with your goals and vision?

As a part of the Energetic Mastery,

I promise to guide you back towards your inner compass, so that you can make aligned decisions with confidence.

I promise to lead you to emotional detachment to money so that you can move forward in your life with money no longer being the end goal. Simply a tool used along the path to your dreams.

I promise to support you as we uncover the beliefs, conditioning, limits & patterns keeping you stuck. And begin shifting them on an energetic level.

I promise to support you as we shift your day-to-day habits and environment in order to step into your evolved self.

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Here’s what to expect in Energetic Mastery:


  • Weekly 1:1 calls to identify limiting beliefs + patterning and shift them on an energetic level to increase your capacity to receive in your life and business.
  • Pop-up support as needed remotely between calls
  • Lifetime access to the Money Healing course, an online meditation course to help you begin to detach emotionally from money and move forward

What we will cover on our 1:1 calls:

  1. What is your capacity to receive in your life and business? We will begin to identify energetic limitations that are in place due to current conditioning.
  2. Cultivate a spiritual practice that works for you, to tap into daily. The importance of energetic hygiene on your path to healing your relationship to money.
  3. Where are you emotionally attached to money? We will begin to identify and clear emotions tied to your limiting money beliefs.
  4. Identify what shifts are needed in your daily habits, thoughts and environment to implement for success as you move forward.
  5. How to live "energy first, action second".

Are you ready for more?

Send me an e-mail to get on the waiting list for 2020. Pay-in-full $997. Payment plans available upon request (hello@darcieelizabeth.com).