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Have you been conditioned to bypass your intuition and emotional body in your business?

Most of us have been conditioned to control our emotions and make decisions solely with our brains. Logic and reason. But there's a reason we are physically hardwired to experience emotions FIRST, before going to the brain.

Functioning from the head up will stunt your growth as a business owner and will leave you unable to support your clients on a deeper level. Our brains are often constrained by our subconscious conditioning, which 9 times out of 10 does NOT align with our big visions as business owners and entrepreneurs.

Building our own businesses isn't black and white.

We need to access all parts of us... including our unseen support, energetic resources and intuitive guidance in order to creatively move forward and grow. To integrate and work WITH our bodies and the energetic components of the Universe alongside our brains to create in this world.

Something that is vital if you want to break the glass ceiling your mind has created for you in your business. And will enable you to do the same for your clients.

Financial professionals are so important in a world where many entrepreneurs and business owners lack financial literacy and confidence with their money.

Helping manage money and overall financial portfolios, supporting others make well-informed decisions and helping others to understand the impact of the decisions that they’re making with their money.

But do you know what would be even better?

Is if the support we entrusted to help us with our money also played in the energetic field. Knew and understood the value of money and all the components of our world on an energetic level. Could not only support on a practical “do this, don’t do that” level, but could guide to see the bigger impact that financial decisions are making. Guiding to connect with money on a more intimate level and towards healing relationships to money.

I’m on a mission. And I’m taking seven high-achieving, vision-driven individuals with me who are ready to learn how to work with the energy of money to support themselves and their clients. Are you one of them?

Are you an accountant, CPA or financial professional looking to create a holistic practice that blends intuition and logic? The Conscious Money Leaders training program starts next month.

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As a part of the Conscious Money Leaders Program, you can expect the following support for you personally (below we'll talk about the benefits for your business):

- Increased confidence in how you show up in your life and finances, both personally and professionally, entering financial transactions and client engagements with ease.

- To emotionally detach from money in order to feel better, allow more support into your life and transform the way you interact with money.

- To no longer override your natural instincts and look outside of yourself for answers and validation, leaning into your intuitive powers and embracing them in your life and business.

- To receive deep and transformative energetic training and techniques to help deepen and allow yourself to open up to the energetic work. Both remote and at our in-person retreat.

- A 3-day in-person retreat in vibrant Kansas City, where we will be trained on various energetic techniques, create space to integrate what you've learned and prepare yourself to lead others in this powerful way.

- Ongoing support after you graduate from the training program, ongoing touch-base to answer questions as they come up and guide you as you enter and implement this work.

- To uncover the beliefs, conditioning and patterns that are leaving you feeling restricted as you work towards your dreams and visions. And in turn, use these techniques with your clients.

As a part of the Conscious Money Leaders Program, you can expect the following support for your business:

- Structured support and materials to seamlessly replicate and implement immediately what you are learning in your own business as a Conscious Money Coach (TM).

- Support to help you transition into your service-based business or transition conscious money work into your existing business.

- Energetic tools and techniques to integrate within your business and use as you support your clients on a holistic level.

- Ongoing support after you graduate from the training program, including quarterly trainings/calls to support you as you enter and implement this work. Access to annually updated training materials and client materials as this work expands. *Nominal annual fee for continued access, would not go into effect until 2021.

- Listed on my website, in my referral directory and promoted to my audience as a Conscious Money Coach in your designated niche. Daily I am asked for referrals for financial, administrative or business support from individuals who UNDERSTAND and work with energy. You will be at the top of my referral list for potential clients as I am phasing out my 1:1 clientele and solely working on training Conscious Money Coaches.

Not only will you be guided through the work, but you’ll also leave the program with all of the training and client materials you will need to turn around and replicate this work with your clients. A turn-key business if you are committed. And the demand for energetically-aligned professionals is growing. Why not join as a leader of the movement while the business world is far behind?

Want to learn more about what myself and my clients in 2019 have experienced as a result of working with the energy of money? Click here.

In the first SIX months of creating my business (from scratch) as a Conscious Money Coach, I had the opportunity to work with 40 different individuals by guiding and supporting them through this important work. Through 1:1 coaching, group programs and workshops. Solely focused on the energetic components of our relationship to money. With 89% returning as repeat customers in some fashion. The month after I left my corporate position to fully focus on my energetic money business I was able to generate $3,000 in income while working only two days a week. And my impact and income expanded from there as I gained my footing. Individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs - they are all hungry for this work. Looking for us to guide them as they heal and evolve their relationship to money to support them as they transform their lives.

The thing is, I started from scratch. No model to work off of, simply my intuition, a big vision and support from mentors. What I'm offering in the Conscious Money Leaders program is invaluable. A business model that works, materials and support that you can use to grow your business and support your big vision. With support to help you integrate these materials into your business in a way that works for you. You won't simply be given a model and told to run with it. We will work hand-in-hand to find the best way for you to integrate this important work INTO your business, or support you as you create a new business.

Conscious Money Leaders Program: The Details.

The program will begin TBD in 2020, program length will be four months.

The retreat date is TBD in Kansas City, Missouri. All costs except airfare and transportation to the site will be covered in your overall tuition for the program.

The program will be a combination of 1:1 support and group support facilitated online, with the in-person retreat in 2020. All follow-up support will all be facilitated online.

Tuition for the program: $3,997 paid-in-full

Monthly payment plan available: $797/month for six months beginning the date that you register

The program will be capped at seven individuals to create an intimate space for massive growth and transformation. For the individuals who join us, 2020 will be unrecognizable for themselves and their businesses.

Interested but have a few questions on whether this is the right fit for you and your needs? Book a complimentary (no-obligation) call with me, here. Or send me an e-mail,

Ready to join us and change the trajectory of your life and business? Click here for pay-in-full. Click here for the monthly payment plan.