Ascend Program


Do you feel like you're living your life out on a loop? Seeing the same financial patterns appear over and over? Ready to move out of this season of your life and onto the next?

Our relationship to money is multi-faceted. Most of us are comfortable and confident in what we *should* be doing on a practical level. The follow-through and going through the motions are often a totally different ballgame... but when we begin to connect energetically with money, uncover and shift the unseen pieces of our relationship to money, we can shift our entire lives.

When we're looking at the energetic pieces of our relationship to money, we're talking about the attachments we're clinging to. Attachments to patterns, stories, your past and beliefs around money (aka the things that are directly creating your current financial reality).

Looking for a change in your current financial situation?
The real work lies in uncovering, releasing and shifting these attachments. It's time to look at releasing the attachments that cannot take you where you want to go. To work WITH the energy of money, rather than against it.

The Ascend program was created to help you,

  • Uncover and release the patterns and stories around money that are keeping you feeling stuck right where you are in life and business.
  • Feel empowered in taking aligned action towards releasing attachment to your habits, environment, thoughts and even the people in your life that aren't supportive as you move forward in your life and business.
  • Step fully into the next phase of your life, leaving behind the baggage that can't come with you.
  • Call in and move through the energetic support necessary to more align with the future, rather than your past with money.

Closing the loop. Allowing yourself to move through this season of your life by letting go. Accepting it. Releasing any attachments to the outcome, continually beaming out your desires, enjoying life as it comes towards you and shifting your habits, environment, thoughts and beliefs as it does.

The intention for this container is to support you as you allow the attachments to surface, give your body what it needs energetically to release them, deepening your intuition and trust, and allowing the path to open up before you. All in a supportive container that will provide immense accountability, 1:1 and community support as you take aligned, intuitive action as needed. All to help you shift INTO the life you've been asking for, the next season of your life. With a healthier relationship to money and a clear understanding of how to use the insight of your attachments and patterns to heal and grow.

Who am I and how can I support you in this way?


Hi, I'm Darcie. I support business owners align with their BIG visions, by getting them out of their heads and into their bodies. By more deeply connecting with themselves and learning how to work with the energy of money to move towards their dreams with ease and alignment.

My work and mission is guided by both the practical and energetic aspects of money. My experience as a CPA for over a decade helps me to understand the practical tools, processes and support needed in both businesses and personal finances. My training and experience as an energy worker helps me to quickly uncover and shift the unseen pieces of your relationship to money. Recognizing the importance of integrating both pieces in order to live a life that works WITH money in order to align ourselves to receive what we want in life. Intuitively guided, allowing myself to be a direct channel to provide what it is you need in order to move forward in life and evolve.

At the end of the Ascend Program you will:

  • Have a clear understanding of your limiting patterns, attachments and how they were here to serve you in the past. Understanding the lessons they had and grateful for the knowledge gained as you move forward in a healthy relationship to money.
  • Have undergone the healing process necessary and actively begun shifting out of unhealthy patterns and attachments. And shifted into more aligned habits, thoughts, environments and patterns.
  • Opened yourself up to a higher level of consciousness as you continue to detach from attachments, including emotional attachments you have to money.
  • Set in motion a new direction in your life and business both energetically and in manifested reality, and most importantly one that isn't dictated by your past.
  • Have cultivated energetic and practical tools and techniques to support you as you move forward.
  • Disconnected your emotional attachments to money so that you can move forward in your life with money no longer being the end goal. Simply a tool to be used along your path towards your dreams.
  • Shifted your day-to-day habits in order to support you as you step into your evolved self.
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What to expect as you join us in Ascend:

  • A four month group container of growth, facilitated by me with the intention to take you to the root of your patterns and give you the tools needed to shift. And shift quickly. My magic lies within holding space for massive transformation, allowing myself to be a direct channel for your growth and providing support and accountability needed for you to flourish.*
  • Three 1:1 calls with me throughout the program to ensure you have all of the individual support you need to move through your patterns and ascend into your new reality.
  • Bi-weekly trainings, guided healings and materials shared in our private Facebook group to support you as you move through the work. All designed to support you as you uncover and shift your patterns.
  • Bi-weekly group healing and Q&A sessions led by me to keep you accountable, supported and on-track with your goals and intentions.
  • Access to "The Energy of Money Accelerator", my monthly membership program for growth and accountability for three months beginning April 2020 to ensure you remain supported as you transition out of the program. Higher tier with continued 1:1 support available for nominal upgrade
  • *No 1:1 calls available to be booked in January, the first two weeks of January will be guided healings + trainings and the Q&A sessions will be moved to the last two weeks of January. All other months will alternate Q&A and trainings. The first two weeks of January will have limited access to me and will have my intuitive mentor available to support you.

The Ascend program is right for you if you're truly ready for change. If you're done with lip-service and ready to take action towards the new. To see real movement in your life, allowing the old patterns, thoughts and stories to leave for good, and opening yourself up to the goodness that's right around the corner.

Investment is $579/month or $1,997 paid in full.

Click here for monthly payment plan.

Click here for pay-in-full option.

We start December 9th. Because when it comes to the life and business you want to step into, there's really no need to wait. Set the groundwork now. Signal to the Universe that you are ready for a powerful and transformative 2020.

I understand it can be scary to grow, to shift and to boldly step into the unknown. But the bravest thing you can do is to acknowledge the fear and do it anyway. If this is calling to you, what are you waiting for? Only you get to decide if this is your time.

I can't wait to support you in the Ascend Program. See you on December 9th!

For those who are looking for support but are not ready to invest at this level, we have a group-only option. You will receive ALL of the benefits of the Ascend program with no 1:1 support outside of the Facebook group and Q&A calls. You will still have 1:1 support on our group Q&A calls and in our private Facebook group.

Investment is $379/month or $1,197 paid in full.

Click here for monthly payment plan.

Click here for pay-in-full option.

Have questions about the program or the payment plan? Send me an e-mail: